North American Conditional Mouse Mutagenesis Project A Genome Prairie Project
NorCOMM is a
Genome Prairie
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Targeting Pipeline Summary in NorCOMM

Total No. of Genes in the Pipeline       1328
Total No. of Mice Completed       4
Total No. of ES Cell Lines Completed       597
Total No. of Vectors Completed       894

Targeting Pipeline Stages in NorCOMM

Mice - Available for distribution       1
Mice - Genotype confirmed       3
Mice - Microinjection unsuccessful       1
ES Cells - Targeting Confirmed       592
ES Cells - No QC Positives       116
ES Cells - Electroporation Unsuccessful       5
ES Cells - Electroporation in Progress       103
Vector - DNA Not Suitable for Electroporation       17
Vector Complete       71
Vector - Initial Attempt Unsuccessful       219
Design Completed       16
VEGA Annotation Requested       30
Design Requested       53
Awaiting Sanger       83
Sanger Completed       7